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The Future of “The Projection Booth”, or: Why I Vanished and How I Plan to Come Back

I’ve been gone for quite awhile. Between school and getting engaged (and soon to be married!) I’ve had a lot on my plate and had to cut back on the amount of time given to watching movies. Thankfully things are starting to get back into a steady rhythm again and I’m able to do more writing. Something else I’ve also done over the past year is release two short films. The first is a science-fiction/political-thriller called “The Darcy Act”.

Click the image to see the trailer and then watch the film!
Click the image to see the trailer and then watch the film!

 It was, all-in-all, probably a failed attempt at making a longer film (it has quite a few rough edges), but I see where I went wrong and I learned a lot making it. It was a long and exhausting shoot, but I’m mostly happy with the finished product (a few rough scenes aside). Meanwhile, I also took part in a 48-hour filmmaking competition called SATO-48 earlier this year (SATO-48 stands for “Springfield and the Ozarks”, by the way).

This film was made as part of SATO48-2014. sato48.com
Click the image to see the short film! This film was made as part of SATO48-2014. sato48.com

This is the third year that I’ve been in the competition, and I made a dark comedy called “Always One Juan Short”. It’s a spin on comedy-drama-crime, and in no way, shape, or form is it politically correct. Essentially I just wanted to have fun and poke fun at genre-movies and television.

But now I’m in the middle of writing a feature film. I’ve built my crew and resources and I think I’m finally ready to tackle a small-ish feature film. Which brings me to my plans for The Projection Booth for the future! I started this blog to be about the films that I love, and I fully intend to continue writing about as many films as I can. But what I really want is for this to grow and become a celebration of film in general.

That includes filmmaking. I fully intend to document the process of finishing out my feature film (the details of which will be revealed in the coming months!), eventually share stories and photos from the shoots, and try to keep up the pace of writing about the movies that I generally watch and enjoy. In the past I’ve written some negative reviews of films, but I don’t see much point in that anymore. If a movie doesn’t strike my fancy then I’m going to move on, there are enough negative words in the world as it is, why add to them? And if I intend for this blog to be a celebration then it should be just that!

So, since I’ve never formally done this, let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Kyle Bacon, I am originally from Arkansas, did most of my growing up in the Springfield, Missouri area, and currently back in Arkansas for the foreseeable future. My goal is to finish film school, make some films along the way, and eventually settle into teaching something related to film at a university level. But, heck, if I’m to be honest, I’ll teach high school if they’ll let me! I love films of all kinds, I love making films of all kinds, and I love sharing my passion about film with other people. That’s why I started this blog, and that’s why I’ve decided to resurrect it. I feel bad, because I was starting to get momentum and I was starting to get a few loyal regulars with whom I was having good dialogue, but I guess I get to start over now!

At the end of the day I love movies. At the end of the day I want everyone to love movies and I want the love and appreciation of movies to grow. Movies have a big piece of my heart and I want to share that with anyone who will listen, read, or watch.


About Andrew Bacon

A home school student turned filmmaker. A filmmaker turned film-blogger. A film-blogger who wants nothing more than to be a filmmaker. Mostly though, I just like movies.


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