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A Super8 Camera and Filmmaking


My camera, I call her Sally.

Over the past few years I’ve experimented with some nonenarrative filmmaking; this has resulted in three or four short films of varying worth that have no plot. I’ve shot everything from my dog walking through the yard, ladybugs, cows, trees blowing in the wind, and even my fiance walking through old hotel hallways. I love the dances that shadows do as things move, and I love to break motion down into its parts; instead of showing a complete action I like to fragment it into smaller pieces and visually analyze how things move.

Also developing in my brain has been a desire to work with actual film.

Rain 1

From my short film “Rain”

I’ve always been a digital “filmmaker” — everything I’ve ever made has been shot on DSLRs and my GoPro. These digital tools have satisfied me for a long time because of their ease and immediacy of use, but the organic qualities of actual film are very appealing to me. This love of nonenarrative filmmaking and the organic look of real film led me to purchase a Super8 film camera recently and begin playing with it. For a few months I’ve been discussing a feature length visual study on nature that I want to film. I’ve been hesitant to work on it with the other projects that I have piled up, studying for school, and my impending wedding all being on the horizon. But, now that I hold a film camera in my hand I feel like it is time to start to work.

Already I’ve shot a cartridge of film, am saving to buy some more, and am also looking forward to having this film developed. Let it be noted that this movie will be edited digitally, but it will be shot completely on film. The organic quality of shooting on film seems to fit the subject matter better than the sometimes coldness of digital images. I want light captured on photosensitive paper, not pixels captured on little more than computer chip. By making this film I intend to show the awesome things that I see around me, the awesome things made by my God, and I want those things to be shown in a realistic and organic way.

Genuinely I do not know what lies ahead in the making of this film. I don’t know where it will take me or what it will involve. Maybe in a few months I’ll give up and shoot on digital because the film is too much of a hassle — I don’t know, but I do know that right now while I am waiting for other projects to move into production I’m going to give some time and thought to this. It is certainly an experiment, but it is one that I am massively excited about. I intend to keep this place updated and possibly preview some footage as I go along, so please stay tuned!

If there is enough interest, I may do a post about my camera; what I know about its history and the model itself. Just a thought.


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A home school student turned filmmaker. A filmmaker turned film-blogger. A film-blogger who wants nothing more than to be a filmmaker. Mostly though, I just like movies.


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