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Director Profile: Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998)

Japan has graced the world with some of the greatest filmmakers of all time: Hayao Miyazaki, Yasujiro Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi, Sadao Yamanaka, Masaki Kobayashi and on and on. Many of my favorite movies ever came from the land of the rising sun, and many of those films were directed by Akira Kurosawa. He is the … Continue reading

Director Profile: Fritz Lang (1890-1976)

The Europeans graced us with many great artists across many different mediums, but I will make this claim: none were greater than Fritz Lang. His body of work highlights and gives great weight to that of the German Expressionism movement, and his work also is a forerunner of most everything we know today. Lang’s DNA can … Continue reading

Director Profile: John Ford (1894-1973)

I once saw a conversation on the IMDb message boards of what the “Mt. Rushmore” of American cinema would look like. I remember names like Billy Wilder, Martin Scorsese, Howard Hawks, Michal Curtiz, and others being thrown around, but I distinctly remember one name remaining all the while: John Ford. His name remained soundly set … Continue reading

Director Profile: Sadao Yamanaka (1909-1938)

This week’s director profile, much as was the case with last weeks, falls into the realm of cinematic what-ifs. However, while Jean Vigo was not a very prolific director, this director was extremely prolific. I introduce to you: Sadao Yamanaka. This Japanese director began his career around the age of twenty as an assistant director. Starting out … Continue reading

Director Profile: Jean Vigo (1905-1934)

In the halls of cinematic “what-ifs” there is the career of Jean Vigo. Vigo’s career was a short-lived but highly influential one. He only made four films in his time as a director; three short films: A Propos de Nice (1930), Taris (1931), Zero de Conduite (1933), and one feature length film: L’Atalante (1934). Despite having such a small body of … Continue reading

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