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“Seductive Cinema” by James Card (Book Review)

James Card was a witness to those early years of cinema when no one spoke, a “talkie” was a stage play, and stars reigned supreme because they had faces. His book is not scholarly exactly, but it is the sort of firsthand, eye-witness account which is too rare in the medium of film. While most film … Continue reading

“The Birth of a Nation” (1915, dir. D.W. Griffith)

Let me start by saying that this is a difficult film to tackle. On the one hand you try to view it as an important piece of filmmaking history, meanwhile, on the other hand, you feel so appalled by what you see that your gut reaction is simply to turn away and stop watching. The Birth of … Continue reading

Werner Herzog’s MasterClass

So, if you need proof that the internet is changing education and our access to it then look no further than the MasterClass series. In this series of online classes you learn about different specialized fields of interest from those who specialize in them. For instance: learn Tennis from Serena Williams, Singing from Christina Aguilera, or … Continue reading

The Problem With Talking Heads

Today I sat down and watched a favorite movie of mine: M (1931, dir. Fritz Lang). It reminded me of an issue prevalent in today’s cinema: the oversimplification of photography and image. That sounds weird since movies are by definition moving images, but they are so often not even that. What I mean by that is this: … Continue reading

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last night I discovered that the new trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens had landed on the internet and watched it as soon as I had a chance. Now, know that in this post you’ll find no speculation, rumors, or even in-depth analysis of the trailer, I’d just like to talk about Star Wars for a … Continue reading

“Things Like Dreams: Distorted”

In an earlier piece published on this blog (which you can read here), I wrote about the connection between filmmaking and dreaming. How the two are so closely related and alike. They are fragments of memory, spliced together to form, not a complete whole of a moment, but a complete perception of a moment. An old … Continue reading

A Super8 Camera and Filmmaking

Over the past few years I’ve experimented with some nonenarrative filmmaking; this has resulted in three or four short films of varying worth that have no plot. I’ve shot everything from my dog walking through the yard, ladybugs, cows, trees blowing in the wind, and even my fiance walking through old hotel hallways. I love … Continue reading

The Fall of the Emperor and Bloated Egos.

The Emperor and His Pearl Harbor. Reading Tasogawa’s book is much like watching the site of a horrible accident from a distance. The images you conjure into your own mind are much worse than what is likely actually going on, but even still the illusion of everything being okay is shattered and you are suddenly … Continue reading

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